Smiles & Cheers...........


Happyyy Budday Destyyy Mr. Parrot….!! One of the oldest members of India Connections.. Join kia tha jab kunwaare thay aura b ek pyaare se junior desty k senior hain :P He has been a part of this family and has supported each and every member through all times, good and bad.. and we expect and wish that this association with him lasts and continues for more and more years to come..!!

On your special birthday our PARROT :P here’s a collection of messages from all your near and dear ones :)

Ye sambhaal k rakhna and junior ko b dikhaana bada hojaaye jab ;) show him how famous u were lol..

Chalooo here’s ur cakeeeeee!!

And lets begin the partyyyyyyyyyy!! Hurrayyyyyyyyy!!!

Hari.. The Original Shaitaan

totey ne maina se bola...
totey ne....
maina se bolaa
where is my ice ka gola...
jo maine laane ko bolaa..
kyun ki...
ye hai din tera happy b'day waala
to aapko badhai dene maine bhi ek ghatiya sher likhdaala...
Happywaala B'Dayyyyyyyy Destyyyy

Hunty -.-

Happy Birthday Desty Kameenay :D Allah tujhe aur budhha kare.. -.-



Gangu / Wolcom

kya huaa agar tum world cup k final tak nahi jaa paaye..
kya huaa agar tum world cup k final tak nahi jaa paaye..

world k liye nahi to tere bday k liye hi khush ho liya jaaye..

god karen ki terko sab mil jaaye..
Gham gham gham and ghaam..

kyen ki shari khushiyaa to me le lunga na 8)...

chal has mat tu teeth peele he tere (angry)

take care (hug)
happy bday desty bhai..
achaa ye le :* maze karo bhai :)


to my dear frend,
desty u had been my frend past 3 yrs..had seen many ups n down in ur life...i wish dis bday bring happiness in ur life and all ur wishes come true dis year my frend olways..n stay to chota desty....HAPPPY BDAY DEAR


Hey desty bro, wish u a very happy birthday >:D<, have an amazing life and a great day. I wish all luck and prosperity to your family and love to the cute kid. Be happy always



 Happy wala birthday hai aapko totteee :)  May god bless u and ur family :)


destiee babyy>:D< mny mny happy returns od f day>:D< god bless ya :)